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Q. When should I be servicing my piano?

This is a very common question. Major piano manufacturers like Bosendorfer, Steinway, Yamaha and Kawai recommend 2 tunings a year. The need for a Piano tuning depends on humidity conditions, amount of playing. The piano players pitch tolerance and of course-finances determine the frequency of tunings. If all else fails, I tell my customers to tune their instruments once a year.


All mechanical instruments with hundreds of moving parts like a piano need some sort of attention. Older pianos obviously need more. Whether the instrument needs to have the touch adjusted, seized flanges eased, broken hammers and shanks repaired, squeaky pedals lubricated, replacing loose tuning pins, repairing cracked soundboards, etc-the piano requires a very qualified person to service it.

Sometimes the problems are very obvious like “sticky keys”, a broken hammer shank or a badly out of tune note. Other times not so obvious. The piano response may not be so good. The after touch could be too shallow or non-existent. This makes it difficult to play softly. It may cause the hammers to “bounce”. The tuning pins may be loosing their tightness (torque). This condition would allow the piano to go out of tune faster than normal. The piano technician will then make recommendations for repairs.


Whether an appraisal is for insurance purposes or resale value, each piano is an individual case. All aspects of the piano structure have to be checked out. This process takes about 30 minutes to complete. It's impossible to quote a price over the phone or internet without examining the piano!


This is a monumental undertaking. To refinish the piano case means taking the piano apart piece by piece-including all the hardware. The parts are individually stripped of paint and varnish.

Damaged veneer is repaired if necessary. The parts are sanded and then the veneer is stained with an appropriate colour. Finally, the parts are sprayed with a sealer and 3 coats of lacquer. Customers are always surprised by the beauty of their high quality walnut, mahogany, rosewood, etc veneers.

The mechanical restoration always depends on what is necessary and the financial budget of the customer. Is the piano worth restoring? How much does a new piano cost? Is it a family heirloom?

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